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    Default should i upgrade CS245i to Tsi CS20

    I just bought the Tsi 500's and was wondering if it worth the upgrade to a new center. I have a CS245i and its in good shape. Should i upgrade to the Tsi CS20?

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    Not horribly familiar with the CS245i, but I know the CS20 would be a good match for your TSi series. The TSi 500's are the equivilant of the "old" Monitor 70's (which I have) and I run a CS2, which is the "old" version of the CS20. Looks like the CS20 has bigger woofers, but the CS245i can handle more juice. I would say an "upgrade" to the CS20 wouldn't be a bad idea, but hopefully one of the real experts will have more definative advice. Oh and welcome to Club Polk.
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    i'm going to play with it this weekend and make a decision. its on sale and i may just order it. I was just wondering if it will mess up the sound stage staying with the older center channel. They seem to be very close in speakers and construction.

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    The CSi20 is the right timbre match, but the CS245i is likely the nicer sounding center matching an earlier RTi rev. You might not find any downside in keeping it, since the RTs are/were more articulate with dialog.

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    Yeah i just got done with audyssey and i think i will stay with my center channel for now.
    the Tsi500 sound pretty good but my gun fire seems to have lost all of its thump. Bass is still strong but something is missing. i was using some Cerwin Vega LS-10's for my front... Ill get more time to play with it tomorrow. They look really nice and i think these Polks should out perform my Cerwin Vegas.
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    I have a set of M70s (TSI-500s) and they sound great on the Onkyo-805. They can handle a lot more power.

    As for the CS245i vs. the CS2/20 they handle about the same amount of power. The 245 has the superior tweeter but the larger woofers on the 2/20s put out more sound. Staying with the 245s for now is fine!

    I love my CS2 it's pretty incredible for the price I paid for it (open box for 100). At that price there's no contest (one of the best centers around). CSi-A6 a notch above it. But that Monitor center is pretty damn good.


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