Hey guys, I'm getting ready to route out the hole in my Monitor 5b's to allow space for the RDO194s I just received from Polk. As i have minimal woodworking skills there may be a simple way to do this that hasn't occurred to me, but I am looking for a template that i could print out and trace to make some sort of a jig or guide to enlarge the hole.

I haven't been able to find anything like this yet, maybe its as simple as tracing the outline of the mounting plate of the tweeter, but it seems like you wouldn't be able to put it flush against something without crushing the dome.

I guess i'll be able to figure something makeshift out, but a printed template would be ideal if anyone has any leads on something like that, or a technique that would help this look as professional as possible when i'm done i would really appreciate it, as this is my first foray into speaker modification.


PS. The face of the speaker box seems to be some sort of plastic, is there any tricks or tips on how to keep it looking as clean as possible when cutting it? :)