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    Question ???Sub placement in the box???

    Does anyone know does it matter how you place a sub in the box?? I have a custom ported box for my memphis twelve inch m3 is it ok to put the motor on the outside of the box and have the cone facing in? It's like a reverse on how you would normally put a sub woofer in. I see alot of people with their subs mounted like this. Is there anything special that happens when you do that?
    ???Can Anyone Help???:((

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    Yes. 17 year old kids think its cool. Everybody else thinks its kinda dumb (at least I do :D ).

    Other than that there isnt much difference.
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    [QUOTE=MacLeod;1026608]Yes. 17 year old kids think its cool. Everybody else thinks its kinda dumb (at least I do :D ).

    lol i'm a seventeen year old kid and i think it's stupid. But doesn't it cause damage to the sub in the long run?

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    You know I just dont think it sounds as good as just putting it in the way its supposed to go (imo). if you want to show off the motor structure then put in a plexi window.

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    the scientific facts..

    inverting the sub reduces internal losses due to speaker basket displacement. ie - more volume in the box available.

    inverting it also adds a natural low pass to the sub (cant remember the freq tho) since the motor structure blocks these freqs and the box absorbs the ones leaving the front of the speaker.

    this method is used to reduce box size or to show-off the basket.. eg - the polk SRs look damn wicked like this.

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    those all the facts? so your saying inverted doesn't mean less sq or spl, tighter, boomier, less effecient, less low end, only less high end(freqs/lpf)

    reduce box size, u mean increase box size/volume? like my box is too small so i invert and wammo, bigger box/more volume. thinking bout doing that w my 8 but how does that even work obiously i can't drop it in like the normal way unless i had one side of the box open(rear) which would happen while building it, besides that u'd have to mount it using the outside of sub mounting rim, aren't they made/built to be mounted under that outer lip. seems so since its usually flat metal(against flat box) vs the more usually curved and rubber.

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