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    Default Concrete Speaker Stands

    I'm putting together a theater system for a buddy which includes 2 x LSI9s and 1 x LSIC

    He needs solid stands for these - and i've had a few designs we were thinking of - then he thought about just making the stands out of concrete (a lot of stuff in his home is made from concrte - kind of a specialty of his).

    So my question is this - would he lose any sound quality using concrete speaker stands? If he uses them, does he need some kind of feet for them? What do you guys think?

    Not my setup - but what I have put together for a friend (i.e. what mine would be if i had the money to invest :D )
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    I never heard of concrete stands, however, I have read that people have used cinder blocks for stands w/ reportedly good results. I think they put something like MDF boards between the top of the blocks and the speakers.

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    You might want to consider some spikes to decouple the speakers from the stands.

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