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    Default Need audio rack for bedroom set up

    Not sure if this is the right forum to post this in but i guess its the closest i could find.

    Anyway, I'm looking for an audio rack for my bedroom set up which will have my HTPC, receiver, and cd changer on it. 3-4 glass shelves would do the trick.

    The furniture in this bedroom will be dark brown and I'm looking for an audio rack that has this. Glass shelves are preferred but I would consider others as well.
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    Hi Bjorn.

    Try these web sites:
    > Salamandar
    > Sanus
    > Audio Advisor (on-line retailer for Sanus and Salamandar)

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    +1. Those would be my choices. Sturdy, look good, reasonably inexpensive. I've bought from Audio Advisor a couple of times and everything went very well.
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