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    Default Loud Intermittent Popping

    I have a ~ 10 year old Technics SA-DA8 Receiver and a full set of Eosone surround speakers including a pair of RSF1000 power towers. All works fine most of the time. Recently, the system started intermittently emitting a single loud pop through all my speakers including the powered subwoofers in the RSF1000s. This happens both at high and low listening volumes. The pop intermittently overloads the system and the receiver output shuts down and it displays a scrolling "System Overload" message on the receiver display. When the pop occurs, it causes everyone in my house to nearly cr_p their pants. And, I'm afraid it may blow my precious speakers.* It is happening more and more frequently. Everything comes back on O.K. with a receiver power-down and restart. I've double checked all the speaker and I/O connections. All are tight.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions or help!
    Jackson, CA
    PS: I had a very, very loud pop last night. I suspected it probably blew something, so I did inspect all my speakers. One of the two 10 inch subwoofer drivers in the right tower has a rip in fabric at the bottom of the center dome right where it joins with the cone. I can't say for sure if it was there before.
    I'm of course grieving, but thanks to finding this forum I do believe I have a good lead to a source for purchasing (a) new driver(s) (I may buy two so I have a spare on the shelf.)
    I might add that after combing the web, I have now speculated that the blown subwoofer driver may be the cause of the popping sound. I can't say what the sequence of cause and effect is here. And, I have now speculated that since low frequency is not directional, perhaps my previous thinking that the pop was coming from all (5) speakers was wrong. Maybe it was just coming from one or both subwoofers.
    Suspecting my 10 year old receiver may be the culprit/cause of the problem, I have also been researching new receivers. It has been a reliable workhorse and good friend for a long time, so I hate to just give up on it. On the other hand, maybe it's just time to send it to Hi Fi Heaven? I have narrowed the field for a replacement down to two current offerings I believe will suit my needs; the Onkyo TX-NR906 and the Yamaha RXV3900.
    I would appreciate any info on similar experience or words of wisdom related to all this.

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    A rip in a woofer will cause weird vibrations; audible distortion at higher volume. It would be easy to run each speaker by itself and listen to each one to find the offending link. I've also heard popping of that kind to be receiver related so a speaker rotation will clear that up.

    Disconnect the subs and listen then listen to each channel (isolated).

    Onkyo and Yamaha both great receivers. A lot of people here have been looking into the new Pioneer 05, 07 Elite Receivers that have ICEpower amps...since you're in that price range I highly recommend you add those to your list, some are being discounted.


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    My initial thought was that your receiver is bad, and that may have blown the sub too...But you need to get a new receiver now as one that is 10 years old is far out of date. And you may as well get a nice new sub to go along with the new receiver..

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    Hi John.
    It seems to me that a single torn woofer would not cuase a "pop" in the other tower. Probably, the receiver is the culprit.

    Those 1000 Towers are awesome speakers. You should try what The Professor (aka cnh) suggested. Regardless of the cause of the pop I would want to preserve those speakers.
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