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    Default Surround speaker positioning/tilt..

    HT newbie here.. I'm setting up my first 5.1 surround sound system (Polk RM6750 w/ Yamaha HTR-6240) in our condo.

    The surround speakers will be mounted on a rear wall with brackets that swivel multi-directionally. The wall is about one foot behind our couch (on which the middle cushion is the central listening point).

    I'm following the Dolby recommended placement guidelines for the rear speakers (~2 feet above ear level, mounted 90-110 degrees from listening center).

    In addition to these speakers being positioned 90-110 degrees from the listening center, is there a recommended downward angle/tilt/point at which these speakers should be aimed at ?

    I've seen photos of some HT setup where the surround speakers are angled slightly downward.. as if they are aimed at the ears of the person sitting at the central listening point). Consequently, I've seen other setups where the surround speakers are not tilted downward at all. The speakers remain square on the brackets w/o any tilt and are solely aimed toward the central listening point.

    Apologies if this seems to ramble, but I'm new to this all and am unsure of what the optimal positioning would be. I've read that it is not a good idea to point the surround speakers directly at the listener's ears as the speakers could overshadow the sound coming from the front and center channels. Conversely, I feel angling the speakers slightly downward toward the listener's ears would direct the sound more accurately. So, any suggestions on how to proceed ?

    Your help is appreciated !
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    Welcome to the forum, and congrats on your 1st HT.
    If you have the ability with your brackets to tilt them, then, listen to them straight up, and tilted, and decide for yourself if there's a difference.
    Good luck and enjoy your new rig.
    I refuse to argue with idiots, because people can't tell the DIFFERENCE!

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    +1 on what obie said. It may not be the answer you were looking for but usually when it comes to speaker positioning it is almost always trial and error until you find what sounds best to you. Welcome to Club Polk, and enjoy your first HT.
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    It's not that I'm insensitive, I just don't care.. :D

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    Thanks for the welcome and tips, fellas.. As suggested, I'll fiddle with the setup and see what sounds best. Since this is my first HT, I don't have many frames of reference as to what sounds 'good' and what doesn't.. LOL !!

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    If the speakers are of the bipole/dipole type, I would suggest starting with them straight/flat to the wall. If they are the direct radiating type (driver pointed straight as opposed to to the sides), you might try a little tilt but, in general, the surround mode is supposed to fill the room so straight makes more sense.
    HOWEVER, let your ears be the judge, there is no set rule for this.

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    Arrow Positioning RT f/x surrounds

    Deleted, meant to post new thread!
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    Welcome Nivasa! :)

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