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    Default MM2124 stopped working

    Purchased new November 2007 from Crutchfield a MM2124 sub which is sized perfectly for my sub box. Running on a JL Audio 500.1 and has been flawless until yesterday. Speaker just died under normal conditions.

    Amp is fine, checked with other speaker. Checked wires from amp to sub box, all ok. Pulled sub out of box to make sure no loose wires etc in box and or on speaker and everything is in tact.

    When speaker was removed from box, it has that distinct smell of burnt electrical component

    Besides what I have done, any other idea on testing speaker? I have eliminated everything up to the speaker.

    Speaker has a 3 year warranty, do I call Polk or Crutchfield. I am also told the speaker is discontinued. Not sure what Polks warranty is.

    BTW, my sealed box is .89 cu ft which is why I went with this speaker. Cannot make the box bigger due to location in truck.

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    Called Crutchfield, they passed me onto Polk, called Polk, explained situation, sent them my old sub, today I received a brand new Sub,.....WAY TO GO POLK AUDIO!!

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