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    Default My fist post , Polk M3 or M5 for ......

    Hello everyone ,

    please tell me, which little speaker would be best in the Plok rang to listen to a Television . I wouldn't say a home theater because, it is just my JVC D500 . I have a nikko receiver, or I could use a Nakamichi pre-amp 410 and amp 420 that I have, to hook the thing up.
    which is better the M3 or the M5 ? Is there another one to consider ?
    Is there a vintage speaker ( monitor , or V/small ) that would be better ?

    I know people like to use multiple speakers but , can just two be fine?, I
    Thank you
    Alex .

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    Hi Alex@

    Welcome. That said, your typing sux! My spelling is not too good, so we are even! :D

    To advise, you might want to repost this query to the speakers thread. This thread is generally reserved for queries trying to figure out what busted or won't work. The way I understand your query, you are putting together a two speaker system to watch TV, have some vintage amps to run them and are looking for advice. Correct?

    The folks in the speaker forum will likely take good care of you. Before responding, I had to google what a Nikko receiver is. With certainty, it is advised that you are better off using the Nakamichi equipment.

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    Hi Hillbilly,

    I'd never make a good secretary except in a sitcom . Thanks for the advice . I will repost this to the speaker thread . Your assessment is indeed correct .


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