I found my old Nakamichi cd player in the storage room and it needs a new home. It has the harness for Honda/Acura from my 01 Integra still on there along with a free Monster Cable 10ft mini plug to RCA cord to use an iPod or any MP3 player as an aux input source. Has the trim ring, cage, face plate case and remote.

The bad, while the tuner is amazing and pulled in the weakest of stations, the cd transport does not read CDs. I bought this brand new from a rep who was phasing out Nak years ago so I didn't have a warranty to get it fixed. I just used my iPod and called it a day.

I have pictures ready to be sent to any interested parties. Face plate is mint!

Check my feedback here, DIYMA, 8thcivic.com for forum feedback or eBay (Toxis2001dc4) with 100% at 126.

$100 shipped OBO.