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    Default "Frailty" - Quick Movie Review

    Picked this one up in the used bin and boy was I pleasantly surprised.

    This is a creepy and intelligent horror movie that has an interesting and challenging plot and a few nice surprise twists at the end that keep you guessing.

    Blood and guts are minimal, and the director relies on the principle of "less is more".

    Performances are fine all around, especially by the two son's (it's hard to get kids to act natural and they pull it off well here). Bill Paxton both directs and has a starring role and he is chillingly sincere and believeable in his protrayal as a father who's gone off the deep end. McConaughey is understated but ultimately a bit uninspiring in this role - his best piece to date was U-571, IMO.

    The movie is shown primarily in flashback format, and the use of alternating time frames is effective. Editing is creative, and a few scenes made me jump pretty good!

    Anamorphic picture quality is fine with progressive scan, and soundtrack is DD 5.1 with nice use of the surrounds (crickets, passing cars, and other ambient stuff), excellent dynamic range, and a very powerful and deep LFE channel that completely caught me off guard and had me gripping the couch cushions the first time it kicked in - good stuff here.

    Overall a smart, creeped out flick that is worth at least a rental.
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    Thumbs up

    Frailty was excellent. 4 out 5. Thumbs ups from me!!!
    One of the better 2002 DVD's also Murder By Numbers was great.
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