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    Default 5.1 upgrade to 7.1 rti6 or fxi5 or other

    I have pioneer vsx-94txh receiver
    front rti100
    center csi5
    surround rti6
    sub psw404
    now I will get 7.1
    should I buy rti6 or fxi5?
    If I get fxi5. set to side or rear?

    I use polk 6 years. But today I'm in POLK CLUB finally. happly with here

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    Welcome to the Polk Forum. Interesting, my first Polk speakers were RTi100's. Either the RTi6 or FXi5's will work for you.

    Typically the FXi5's are used on the side surrounds and set to dipole. You can use the RTi6's for rear surrounds.
    You can also use the FXi5's on the rear. In that case, they are typically set to bipole.

    I find though that standard answers don't always work as many things in and about a room influence the sound. Sometimes you need to experiment a little.

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    How about others like rti a1?
    I mean. Which model is the best math my system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john2009 View Post
    How about others like rti a1?
    I mean. Which model is the best math my system.
    The new RTi A's will also work. They are different cosmetically. One member has a pair of FXi3's up for grabs in the flea market. Those would work also. Here's the link.

    Good luck and welcome to CP.

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    I have a set of rti6's for rear surrounds, which I am very happy with. I would definatly pick the 6's over the RTIA1.
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