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    Dec 2008

    Default I bought the monster hdtv calibration wizard today.

    I believe I need to be punished for purchasing it. It was the worst money I have ever spent. I can't believe that it is actually a dvd that you have to pay for.
    If anyone has ever thought about buying this to help out their hdtv picture, don't do it. It is the cheesiest thing I have ever seen. After I was done I actually thought I was going to have a good picture. The dvd clips looked really good. Then I turned it back to my cable, and everything was washed out and very, very dull. I turned on the ps3 and the blacks were so dark that my background was almost completely gone.
    there was only one shade of black, and that was ink black, no dark grey at all.

    If anyone wants this dvd for free pm me and it's yours, If not, then I will throw it in the trash in a few days.
    I will never, ever by a monster product again. This dvd really backed up what most of you in here says about that company.

    If anyone has any good calibration disks to recommend, I am all ears.
    Denon 1909, want to upgrade for pre outs
    Fronts-polk RTi A5
    center-polk CSi A4
    Sides Polk FXi A6
    rears- polk rm8's
    sub-SVS pb-13 ultra
    Blue ray-ps3
    Panasonic plasma 50 inch
    Buttkicker(don't use or need it anymore since getting the Ultra)

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    Yep. Definitely not a good investment. I couldn't fine my AVIA II disc one day, so I picked this one up for simple calibration on an install. I immediately ordered a replacement AVIA.....

    Found the original, so I now have one as a backup.

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    I've got an excellent one called HD Basics by DVE on blu ray. Really good high def user calibration disk. Highly recommended.
    SDA-1C (full mods)
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    Nakamichi CR7 Cassette Deck
    Rotel RCD-855 with tube output stage
    Cambridge Audio DACmagic Plus
    DBX 3BX-DS
    DBX 224-DS
    ADC Soundshaper 3 EQ
    Ben's IC's

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    +1 for DVE. It also has audio calibration as well. As an added bonus it also has an indepth description of why you want to calibrate your TV to a CRT standard as opposed to torch mode.
    " I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours." - Stephen F. Roberts
    Yamaha 6080 Emotiva XPA-5 CSi A6 RTiA-7's RTi A1's Velodyne DLS-4000R

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    I must have supernatural powers or something. I've never needed a set-up disc to calibrate what MY EYES want to see, or what MY EARS like to hear. I've even got one around here for setting up a lcd or plasma that I won or was it was given to me. If I can find it, I'll karma it to some "mere mortal" to use to get that picture just right.:p

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