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    Question Enclosure Design

    Howdy All...

    If some one could shed some light for me ...

    If you have the manufacturer-recommended volume, should you be designing so that your end-dimensions yield EXACTLY that recommended volume, or should you build the box as big as your max avail space, so long as you have AT LEAST that recommended volume number?

    I ask only because the section on enclosure-building in the book that came with the pair of EX Series II 10" subs I just got, kind-of stops-short to a point that left me unclear.

    Also, the displacement of the sub itself isn't given specifically in the book. Is there a way to calc it based on the numbers that are given? (Forgive my mathematical ignorance).

    Thanks for your time...

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    The little volume that the driver consumes in the enclosure will not change the end result by any great margin. In a sealed
    enclosure of let say for example of .702 cubic feet ( which is the drivers displacement added to the recommended volume of .66 cubic feet plus the displacement of .042 cubic feet for the woofer ) the cone displacement is increased but only by a slight margin with a fixed amount of power applied. This is why high excursion woofers like our DX and MOMO series need the correct recommended sealed box volumes. Bigger is not always better. You don't want to over-extend the drivers suspension. ( ie, surround and spider ) When
    you plot the response graphs for both enclosures, there will be almost no difference in the frequency response.

    Happy Box Building!!

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