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    Default Unfreezing speaker magnets

    I could not find the original thread here linking to this sit so I just figured I'd start a new thread on my question. What materials will I need for the MW5001 drivers? All three I have are frozen and I want to fix them. Can someone help? I am actually going to the HD in a few minutes and wanted to figure this out. Thanks!:D

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    There's a lot of work involved in building a jig to make the attempt, and still a good chance you will break the magnet.

    These guys helped me out successfully once:
    VTL ST50 w/mods/RCA6L6GC/TlfnknECC801S
    CJPV-5 w/mods
    TT CJ Sonographe SG3 Oak/Sumiko LMT/Grado Wood Plat/Sumiko PIB2/The Clamp
    Musical Fidelity A1 CDPro
    Tuners w/mods Kenwood KT5020/Fisher KM60
    MF x-DAC V8, HAInfo NG27
    Herbies Ti-9/Vibrapods/MIT Shtgn AC1 IEC's/MIT Shotgun 2 IC's/MIT Shtgn 2 Speaker
    PSAudio Cryo PwrPrt Prem/ExctPwrEP15A
    Wlnt SDA 2B TL/Oak SDA SRS II TL-Sonicaps/Mills/Cardas/Cust SDA ICs/Mortite/Dynamat Extreme/TFLF Rings/FSB-2 Spikes
    NAD SS rigs w/mods
    GIK panels

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    I still want to do this myself. I don't want to buy anything else. I just want to know how to make the rig.

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