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Thread: ADCOM question

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    Default ADCOM question

    I have been looking at ADCOM amps.

    Are they any good? I have heard a lot about them on some threads.

    Is it true they need their own 20amp circuit? The adcom site says its neccessary. Or could i just hook it up to a voltage stabilizer?

    Will the sound quality coming from the amp be better than my ONK 906?
    I know that the preouts will be sending the single, but how is ADCOMS sound quality? What differences can i expect?

    I have very little experience with home amps so any feed back would be great. Sorry about all the Qs at once.

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    Well, I'm no expert, but I know the Adcom GFA-555II and 545II that I have simply rocks! Awesome power to be had from these amps. Sound quality... eh. I can't perceive SQ differences between amps if there is one.

    Not sure about that 20amp circuit question though... I just plug my stuff into a power strip which plugs into my wall.
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    I've owned many ADCOM amps over the years and I quite like them. ADCOM makes good, solid mid-fi gear that has impressed many people (including Stereophile). Whether it will sound better than X brand is completely in the ear of the beholder. A lot depends on system synergy.

    In my experience, you can't go wrong with a a good ADCOM amp. I've owned a GFA-535, GFA-545 and currently run a GFA-585 in my secondary system. I've loved every one of them.
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    As far as I know, the need for a dedicated 20 amp circuit is only applicable to the newer multi-ch. amps such as the 7805/7807 and the 7705/7707. They require a 20 amp circuit because of the huge amounts of current they require to drive 5-7 speakers with their rated power output.

    To the best of my knowledge though, those are the only Adcoms that require a 20 amp circuit. I'm not sure of any of their older multi-ch. amps though.
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    Older Adcom amps are a great bang for the buck amp. Here is my short list of great Adcom amps.
    545, 5802, 565, 585, 555.
    Other than that I can solidly recommend getting Emo's.
    As for needing a dedicated circuit they don't need a dedicated circuit more than any other amp.
    Please. Please contact me a ben62670 @ Make sure to include who you are, and you are from Polk so I don't delete your email. Also I am now physically unable to work on any projects. If you need help let these guys know. There are many people who will help if you let them know where you are.

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    Do you want to run a multi-channel Adcom or a 2 channel? Because it seems you're asking about an Onkyo 906. So my question is what speakers are you running on that receiver...if they're 8 ohm the Onkyo is probably fine. If they are 4 ohm then, the Adcom will add to your experience.

    Ben is the expert here so I'd go with his short list, that's who I asked about my Adcom. If your question is will the Onkyo sound better in 2 channel, I might have to draw the line there and give a provisional yes.

    A bit more info might be useful. But as Ben says, bang for your buck, Adcom is there!


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    Hi, I have two Adcom GFA-555's (original design) driving my electrostatic speakers. I've owned these two since I bought them in the mid-80's and would not part with them. They're powerful, reliable and when matched with my tube pre-amp create a nice warm smooth sound. Just love em! DJ

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    Great amps. I've owned heard several. I *just* recently replaced my 545 which I bought new in 1986. I felt I really needed to go up the ladder to get something markedly better. They complete with amps costing twice as much and many times even the higher priced amps don't always sound better.

    One of the best used values going. There were a lot of these amps sold so there's always a great selection of used pieces. They are pretty indestructable and buitl like tanks. I can't really think of a down side other than some of their early pre-amps aren't the greatest and if mated with the amps can sound a tad bit grainy.

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