For the past 6 years, I have had a minimal home theater system. An Onkyo TX-SR600 in a 6.1 arrangement having Polk R10s for L/R front/surround and CSi20s for center & back surround with a JVC 8" sub. A couple of weeks ago, the right rear channel in the Onkyo bit the dust in a spectacular audio show of screeching, popping and snapping that scared a few weeks of life off me. Not to mention sent my bird flying circles around the room in a panic. So after doing some thinking on my options, I decided that I was past due to take the plunge and get a sound system to match the 67" Samsung DLP.

After a lot of research, I've settled on getting another Onkyo and am waiting on the release of the TX-SR607 which, according to their support dept, is due out the first week of May. The 600 is going to a friend with the knowledge and equipment needed to breathe life back into the surround channel. Most likely, I'm going to go with an arrangement of floor standing Polk TSi's for the left/right, size yet to be determined (400 or 500), and a CS20 for center. A PSW125 is already in a UPS truck on it's way here. But I've been running into a bit of consternation on what speakers to use as the surrounds. The easiest solution would be to use the R10s. I am quite familiar and satisfied with the sound from them, but I've also been considering a quartet of TSi100 or 200s. Or maybe the OWM3s. The newly released OWM5s are also an option. (Someone needs to update the website because I found out about the 5s only by accident. Still says coming in March.) I would love to audition the TSi and OWM speakers, but unfortunately the only place around me that carries them is a Best Buy that does not have a dedicated listening room and trying to discern how a speaker really sounds in the din of the sales floor is an exercise in futility.

So I was wondering if anyone here that has heard both the bookshelf TSi's and the OWMs can give me their impression of their sound for use as surrounds. Short of driving several hours down to Minneapolis/St. Paul to listen for myself, I'm hoping to get some comparisons and hope that the tastes of the author are similar to mine. It is a hit and miss approach, but I'm willing to take the "risk". Fortunately I have heard both the TSi400 & 500 in a good environment so I won't be guessing there.