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    Default Heroes Season Finale

    Could someone please tell me what the hell happened tonight? Who really died and who the hell is who?


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    Its pretty simple. Syler was brain washered by Parkman to believe he is Nathon as he has all Nates memories. The real Nate is dead though.

    The last scene (6 weeks later)indicates to me Nate may be having some Sylar tendenious wrt to the clock.
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    Sure, everyone's dead until the writers decide to bring them back, everyone's evil until the writer's decide to make them good, and vice versa. This show is absolutely ridiculous; ther'es no reason to watch because nothing has any meaning or consequence, it's all immediately invalidated in future weeks. I gave up months ago.
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    The body they burned is the original shape shifter, not Nathan . I'm gonna assume Peter and Clare are going to bring back Nathan with Clare's blood like she did for her step father when he got his eye shot out.

    I see Syler coming back in a big way but at least this time Peter is charged up and ready for battle. It's beat seeing Peter without all his powers.

    I think the show isn't as good as the first season but it's good enough to keep watching.

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    Here's what happened: suck.

    This show went from good to crap.
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    Yeah, the show has failed to keep up with the magic that it had in the first season.

    How many different frickin characters is Ali Larter going to play?

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