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    to the op, are you talking about the funky triangular shaped plastic enclosure "M5" sourround speakers or the "monitor 5"?
    if it is the monitor 5 i think there is still a pair of them for sale in the flea market section of these forums. check it out...

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    Quote Originally Posted by christophermuto View Post
    to the op, are you talking about the funky triangular shaped plastic enclosure "M5" sourround speakers or the "monitor 5"?
    He's referring to the funky triangular shaped ones.

    As others have said, these are some fairly old speakers, and they can't be expected to keep an excess stock of parts for everything they've ever made. These aren't exactly higher end speakers as it is, they probably didn't really anticipate many people trying to fix them. The few times I've had to deal with Polk CS, I've been nothing short of thrilled. Excellent customer service.

    Where do you have these speakers installed? Are they part of a surround system, what location? Depending on what you're using them for, I'd upgrade to some better speakers myself.
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    Eric Wong is an easy going guy and even easier to deal with. How anyone could call a response from him ridiculous is beyond me.

    As far as the M5, dude, really? M5's?

    Besides, unlike the OP thinks, if it is an M5, they have two 4.5 inch woofers, not 6 inch woofers. Makes me wonder if you even know what you are talking about.

    But the M5's were out when the old RT series was out (pre-RTi) and there aren't many of those speakers around or drivers for support. That's like, at all, not just at Polk Audio. Also, the speakers were first made back in 1994 I think? Not sure on that one. But 2000 was probably a closeout year for them given Polk Audio's product cycle life. On top of that, new in 1996, they were $199.95. Not exactly a high dollar speaker back then.

    I think your original post is out of line. They made an offer to help you in any way they can. They can actually rebuild drivers. The problem is finding the parts they need for that specific speaker. Substituting parts changes voicing in the speaker and it will cause problems with accurate reproduction and matching original performance. Most reasonable people would have gotten that response and at least sent the item in.

    But no, not you, you chose to go to a forum and register just to trash the CS guy and demand to talk to someone higher up. That's admirable of you.

    And then, your second post is an underhanded jab disguised as an apology at Polk Audio as a whole and simultaneously serves to instigate AND question the integrity of Polk Audio and it's products.

    You really know how to win friends and influence people.

    Glad it's not my company. I would have called you the ******* that you are and sent someone around to collect all the Polk Audio products in your house and then slap you upside your head without even giving you a kiss on the cheek.
    You're just jealous 'cause the voices don't talk to you!

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    Most companies stock replacements after it goes out of production.
    When it's gone, it's gone. They normally paln for 5-7 years stock.
    Same for generic drivers. When the stock is gone, it's gone.
    I've screwed around a lot of company's speakers besides Polk.
    It's very hit and miss after a few years. Some using an over the counter
    driver are easy to get. Others are specific to a model, and that's where
    the trouble starts. If Eric can get you some driver specs, you could try to source
    a close generic replacement. Welcome to to the real world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lightman1 View Post
    Sometimes you have to realize it's time to turn loose the Chrysler LeBaron because you can't get the parts anymore. Go ahead and buy the '72 Camaro. Parts can be had on the cheap anywhere. Then when you get her running, you wonder why you ever bought that other thing.
    More power and better sounding.

    Quit pimping your SDA's Russ :)
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