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    Default Pinouts for Surroundbar 360 speaker connector

    Does anyone know the pinouts for the the speaker connector to the Soundbar 360 amp/tuner? I bought it without cable and am trying to avoid guessing. Colors or speaker hookup would be great. Let's assume that facing the back of the tuner/amp I have

    p1 p3 p5 p7
    | o o o o |
    | o o o o |
    p2 p4 p5 p6

    Thanks in advance.

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    I figured it out myself. For anyone esle who cares, facing the back:

    Top Row: Right SDA+ , Right+ , Left+ , Left SDA+
    Bottom : Right SDA- , Right- , Left- , Left SDA-

    Now if anyone knows the connector manufacturer and part number, please let me know.

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