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    Question Model 10's or Monitor 10's. Which are better?

    Hello everyone. I'm looking at possibly acquiring a pair of Monitor 10 speakers in the near future but was wondering what this collective thought as to whether they are nicer sounding than the original model 10's I remember very fondly.

    Any comments?

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    I believe they are the same thing.
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    The earliest version was sold as "Polk Audio Monitor Series Model 10" (as was the 7).
    Later they were called, e.g., "Monitor 10A".

    Here's a bad photo of a not particularly pristine original Model 10, FWIW.
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    all the best,

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    It wasn't only the earliest ones. I have a pair of Monitor 7A's with the original boxes/manuals. Mine are "Polk Audio Monitor Series:Model 7's", according to both the box and the manual.

    I think it was after the 7A/10A etc. that they dropped the "Model" designation and just began referring to them as Monitor 7B/10B etc.

    They are the same thing though as far as the actual speakers go. Aside from some small differences in the crossovers/tweeters through the years.
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