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Thread: db401 cracking!

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    Default db401 cracking!


    This is my setup

    HU : Clarion DXZ785USB
    Amp : JBL GTO504 (50 x 4 at 4 ohms)
    front : db401
    rear : db690

    only my rears are connected to the amp.front is directly connected to the HU.

    i have been getting a cracking noise from the front speakers. this happens on any music having low frequency / bass . this happens if i put the volume above 17.
    I suspect a defective speaker
    (was like this since the beginning.but the installer blamed my earlier HU(an old pioneer) for this.)Last week i replaced the old pioneer with a clarion and still the problem persists.

    i wanted to know, cant the speaker handle any bass at all or is it a defective product?

    PS: all my products are still under warranty
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    Youre running out of clean power. Youre using a 4 channel amp - hook the front speakers up to the amp. That should solve your problem.
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    I realize that this is an old post, but since I have the same problem, I'd like to continue the post. I do not believe that the original poster or myself is running out of clean power, and here's why...

    I have 2 used cars, each with the Sony Xplod CDX-GT550UI (17w per channel rms). The swift I modified the door panel and put in db651, and the sony xplod 6.5 inch in the rear that came in the bundle deal with the head unit. No amp. No sub.

    I normally play it with the volume around 15-25 (out of 50), and notice NO crackling. I tested it up to 35 today and it was very loud (for my ears), and still no crackling.

    Now, the reason that I check the swift is because I just bought another Sony Xplod CDX-GT550UI (17w per channel rms) and put it in my tracker, and just bought new Polk db401 speakers for the dash. I immediately noticed some occasional crackling at my normal volume range of 15-25.

    I figured that the PO (previous owners) may have put the slide clips on wrong, and I have the pos on the neg as a result, or there is a problem with the wires. I got out my DMM (digital multi meter), began checking, swapped head units with the swift, verified the pos and negs are on correct, and STILL SOME occasional CRACKLING (popping, or whatever you want to call the noise).

    Now is when I did the test in the swift that I mentioned above, and ruled out the head unit as the problem. And I believe this rules out the OUT OF CLEAN POWER idea, since the db651s in the swift have no crackling using the SAME head unit that WAS in the tracker.

    I put the infinity 3.5" speakers (20w RMS) that the PO had back in, and same occasional crackling.

    So, now what I am wondering (and I know nothing except ALL that I am learning as I research the past 2 months) is if these 4" (and 3.5") speakers need high pass filters? And if so, do they need a HPF slope too (1, 2, or 3)?

    Am I wrong about the lack of clean power NOT being the problem? If so, explain the above with my crackle free db651s?

    Or is there something else I need to check or do to get these db401s crackle free?

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    It will make it sound better if you use a HPF on those. They are only 4 inch so I would run a HPF around 100Hz. Sony doesn't define what the xover slopes are but I would assume that 1 =6db/octave, 2=12db/octave, and 3=18db/octave. Go with 12db or 18db/octave.
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