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    I really like OAR as well....great songs, great lyrics.

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    OAR is a GREAT live band (and local boys as well). If you like the jam band scene, give them a listen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phipiper10 View Post
    A better experience than this version of the Dead is to go see Dark Star Orchestra. Even better than the real thing sometimes. Impeccable. This is not just a coverband. Believe me. I saw them do a late 70s show at Calvin theater in North Hampton, MA.

    The likeness in looks, sound, mannerism boders on bizarre. Wait till you hear the singers voice crack and weaken like Jerry's did in the 80s/90s. Frightening.

    I think there are maybe 10 other bands who could do what the Dead are doing now.
    I don't think there is a band out there who can do what Phish does even if you don't care for them.
    Quote Originally Posted by anton.chigurh View Post
    +1 for DSO.

    Curt, looks like they're in your neck of the woods 5/22. Chillicothe, IL
    Hmm...I've never seen DSO, I've always heard good things about them. Chillicothe's not that far from me, I might have to go check it out.

    Quote Originally Posted by phipiper10 View Post

    The songs remain relevant at every turn of life. I hardly listen to the Dead now but when I do it's a joy. It can be more therapeutic and better than church.
    Exactly...The Grateful Dead have been one of my favorite bands for basically my entire life. My older brother was on tour for several years, so I grew up listening to The Dead. Back when I was like 8 years old before Jerry passed I was always begging my parents to let me go to a show with my brother, and they'd never let me...

    Even after his death though, his music still affects me in a big way. Their music has gotten me through some very tough points in my life...I owe my sanity to The Grateful Dead in a lot of ways...I've had several points in my life where everything's seemed has led me through that. That's why I play guitar. Whether I'm listening to The Dead, or playing Dead songs on my soothes my soul. There's no better medicine IMO.

    I've been youtubin' a bunch of live Dead videos all night wishing that Jerry was still around.:(
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