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    Default PA1200.1 No Output?

    So yesterday I had it hooked up and rocking 2 MM2124 subs while I wait for my MM1240DVC's to come in. I decided to let the stereo run at low levels to break in the other speakers like polk reccomends and they ran for a couple hours. Then I tested my new remote gain control cable and I am not sure when the amp stopped working from here. They pinout is correct on the remote cable and the power light comes on on the remote gain control, but I accidentally disconencted the remote gain control cable when the system was running.

    At this point I don't know if that caused the issue or if something else is going on, but I cannot get any output from the amp now.

    I have set the gain on the amp to 50%, I have disconnected all power, checked all fuses, checked all wiring and everything looks good. The amp powers on with all lights including the green one indicating it is operating normally. I have disconnected the remote gain control so it cannot interfear and made sure that the RCA's coming from the other amp are connected well. All the other settings are the same on the amp as when I started. I also pulled the subs out and validated that all the connections are good there. The amp has never got hot at all, just warm.

    So I assume I need to start testing back from the speaker outputs. Suggestions on a test procedure? One thing I just thought of trying, maybe go directly to a sub outside the box just to be 100% there isn;t a connection problem due to the box?

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    So after sleeping on it, it is acting like the gain is stuck at 0, regardless of what I do with the gain adjustment on the amp. Is that possible?

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