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    Default Decent Blu Ray Player for $250'ish???

    I'm looking for a good blu ray player for around $250 used or new if possible. I need something with analog outs and something that decodes all the latest codecs internally. I would also like fast load times. I just don't know where to look. I'm more audio oriented than I am video oriented. So any help for you video guys would be greatly appreciated. I have been looking at the Pioneer Elites lately. Mainly because I like the way they look.:o But I've also heard of the great picture quality. I thought the P.E. BDP-51 was what I was looking for until I read a few bad reviews about super slow load times and glitchy hardware. So instead of looking for hours upon hours again I thought I would ask guys.

    TIA for any help.


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    This is now a worthless thread and can now fade away.

    Guess I should have done just a little more research before posting.:o

    Looks like there are two versions of the Pioneer BDP-51. Its not an Elite by the way. But there is the BDP-51 and the BDP51FD... The BDP51FD is the newest version with all the so called bugs worked and fast load times along with a stellar picture. At least as stellar as you can probably get for a sub $500.00 player... Amazon has 40+ positive reviews. Which are all 5 stars for the most part.. The new version also decodes all the latest codecs too. The older version didn't.

    So long story short. I think I found my player. Vanns has them on sale right now for $239.00 plus free ground shipping. Too bad I can't pull the trigger just yet. But will shortly..


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