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    Default anyone else running a car subwoofer at home?

    i have my memphis m3 12" aub in a sealed box with a pioneer gm5300t amp mounted on the back and a 750 watt computer power supply running the amp. i have the stereo rca's from the amp bridged into the single sub out channel on my yamaha receiver and actually have my db690's in boxes for use at home haha...all this is happening because i had a nice car system til i no longer had a car. anyway the issue at hand:

    when i'm really pushing the sub with high volumes there is a terrible delay in the subwoofers response before it kicks into the note...i was thinking about investing in a capacitor and running that in line with the power supply and amp. anyone know if this will help?

    one other concern is the very thin "power" wires being used by the power supply. it has about 50 +12V wires for those 750 watts and only one thin (maybe 22guage) wire is connected to the amp. any problems there with the delay?

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    Computer power supplies are not powerful enough to run sub amps, period. Consider that a standard car alternator would be around 100amps, if not more. What's that computer PSU rated on the 12v rail? Maybe 20-30 amps?
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    Nope! I don't even have a sub right now. All my home speakers go down into the low 20HZ range.
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    I have before but just used a sub plate amp to power it, 15" MTX 9500 with a Dayton 1000 watt amp going to it, damn near blew the house apart!

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    What a terrible idea.
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