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Thread: mm1040

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    Default mm1040

    im sorta stuck with a sealed box.... .75inch per side. a bit more than what this sub calls for. still ok? or should i change the box?
    what ios a good way to make a .75inch chamber smaller?

    yes I'm a noobster.


    also, a pdx 1000.1 or the polk C500.1. wich one to use as I have both sitting on bench?

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    stuck? sealed is my usual preference also recommended and .75 sounds ok to me. only slightly higher than recommended. could reinforce inside with another panel or two or dynamat it. pdx
    Polk MM6501 kick panels, Eclipse cd7200mkll and SW9122 Bomb Box, Cadence A4, A7, CAP5, JL8W3V3

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