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    Default How to test if a subwoofer is "good" on the fly

    Okay. This may seem like a very odd question (and that's because it is).

    I recently had an opportunity to pick up some PSW1000's for a very reasonable price on ebay. They are used and being sold "AS-IS," but are said to power on, but have some chips on the veneer (not a big deal to me).

    Any way, I am scheduled to go pick them up soon, but was wondering if there was a way of testing them in a quick manner to make sure they are not blown.

    I had thought about plugging them in at the shop and attempting to send some kind of a signal through an ipod hooked up with a 3.5mm to RCA lead and playing a bass test tone through it.

    Does anyone have any ideas short of grabbing a receiver, cd player and getting a decent 20hz to 160 hz base tone cd?


    EDIT: Know this should probably be in the subwoofer forum, but....figured I'd get more views here, and I'm kinda pressed for time on the deal.
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    The I pod will work, I have done it to test just put some music on it with sub bass on it

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