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    Default Definitive Technology Mythos Nine

    Hey guys,

    I am looking at the DefTech Mythos Nine as an on-wall system to replace my old setup. The Nine x 3 as L/C/R and Gem x 2 as surrounds plus a Subwoofer.

    I need to get some impressions of what the Nine sounds like since where I'm from I could only demo the Mythos Two/Three on-walls, the Four and the STS speakers. The Two/Three sounded okay to me, the sound seems a bit recessed, while the Four sounded good, and the STS sounded great!

    I've emailed DefTech regarding this and this is what they told me:

    The Mythos Four sounds similar to the Mythos Two/Three speakers. (The tonal balance of the Mythos Nine is not very similar to the Mythos Four.) Except for the powered subwoofer built-into the Mythos STS tower, the Mythos Nine is really the top half of a Mythos STS tower.

    The level of performance produced by a set of Mythos Nines and a SuperCube I/II would be in the same league as a set of Mythos STS towers.

    Now this sounds very promising for the Nine but is this a good assessment of the performance of the Nine? Can anyone give me some input on this, someone with actual experience with the Mythos Nine on-walls?

    I'd really appreciate it if any of you (mantis, maybe) could help me out as I really need reassurance to its sound quality before shelling out.


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    The Mythos 9's. What Def Tech told you about the sound quaity equal being the STS is true. It's exacty the same as the top half of the speaker. The STS floor standing speakers have build in super cube subs and they sound incredible. I have done a few systems where I personally wanted a stand alone sub due to the size of the room but after calibration found the subs in the STS filled the room with very even bass. I was very impressed.

    The Mythos 9 is the center channel speaker used with the STS. They mate together perfectly. Using 3 Mythos 9's as a L C R is a excellent idea. We do it a lot with Plasma/ LCD Installs with killer results.

    The sound quality is very dynamic and clear. Perfect for a really good theater system. You can use them for music playback and theater. Double duty is Def Tech's middle name. It's very hard for most speakers to pull off both well. Most speakers do one or the other really well and not so good with the other. Not the case here.

    The Gems are nice but I suggest going Gem XL or using all Mythos 9's all the way around. If you plan on using this system for music as well, I strongly suggest using a full 9 system with 1 or better 2 Supercubes 1 or 2. These are incredible small subs with vicious output. But retain the ability to handle fast kick drums and snappy fingering bass Guitar.

    Use good quality speaker wire. If all are going on wall , make sure you use Cl3 rated wire. I suggest Liberty 14-2 or Audioquest 14-2. Get a spool. It's not expensive wire and it sounds great. I personally use both brands personally and professionally . Liberty wire and cable is one of those companies you overlook due to it's not a main stream brand. They are a custom Install company wire.

    Let me know what you plan on driving this system with. I suggest a Pioneer Elite SC-05 or SC-07. This is a really nice match. But a Denon avr3808 will also work as the Def Tech's are very efficient.

    Good luck with your system,

    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.

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    Thanks Mantis for your advise and suggestions, greatly appreciate your reply.

    My dealer suggests I audition the STS with the built-in subwoofer turned OFF, and use a SuperCube I/II instead for the bass to get an idea of what the Nines with a subwoofer sound like. Is this a good idea?

    And since you have experience with Nine/Ten onwalls, how do you think they compare when used with a good sub to the STS? I am worried that they would sound 'shut in' when wall-mounted. What do you think?

    BTW, I think I am gonna take up your suggestion and pair the new speakers with the Pioneer Elite SC-05/07.

    Many thanks!

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