I'm running an Alpine 5-channel amp (75x4 / 300x1) and my question is about the front speakers. I have 6.5 inch coaxial Focals in place and there is also a factory component tweeter that is still in place and functioning, running with a capacitor as the factory setup. My rears are 5 1/2 Focal coaxials and a Kicker 10 inch sub downard firing in the back cargo area of the van.The speakers are all 4 ohm, including the sub. These factory tweets seem to clip at high volumes, which is annoying. The tweeters are at ear level in the front of a Toyota Sienna minivan.

I'm looking at adding a pair of tweeters plus a crossover versus the idea of just disconnecting the factory tweeters. The Focals have their directional tweets pointed upward but they are down at the bottom front of the door panel in the factory speaker cutout.

I have an opportunity to acquire a set of Focal tweeters that are 2-ohm rated.

My question is, can I run these 2 ohm tweets with my otherwise 4 ohm setup?
More imporantly should I do this?

Thanks for any help anyone can give!