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    Default Polk MM 8002 specs ?

    I searched but did not find .

    MM 8002 ( NOT MW )
    Max power 150 Watts listed
    MD USA by Polk Audio 1991
    Overall width of this woofer is about 8"
    Actual driving area of the cone looks to be more like 6"
    Rubber surround , cone looks to be paper .

    I assume it's a sub ...

    Anybody have a clue what the specs might be ?

    Thanks in advance !

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    Well, it's an 8" car audio subwoofer, that's all the info I can find on it. There doesn't appear to be any information about it on Polk's site.

    You might want to post it in the "On The Move" section of the forum. That's the section dedicated to car audio. You'd probably have a better chance of getting specs/info on your driver in that section.

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    Thanks I will give that a try .

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