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    Default Polk meets Zapco


    is there anyone how can help me ?
    i will install 2 Polk DB 3065 midwoofers per side and the MM2200
    System into my Mercedes SLK.
    The Midwoofers i will connect in the bridged Modus on a Zapco Z300S2VX and the MM2200 System with the Crossover, which belongs to the System, on a Zapco Z100.
    On a second Zapco Z300S2VX i will connect a Polk EX 802 in a
    sealed enclosure with 0.4 cu.
    Is this a good combination ?


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    I didn't look up all of the specs on all of the hardware, but it looks like you've picked out some quality stuff. As long as the specs (RMS ratings, etc) match up fairly well I would go for it.

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