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    Default Buyer/Seller thoughts

    In the short time I have been here I have seen newbie seller after seller post alot of trivial posts to hit the magic number, then posts something for sale and BAM its gang mentality time....I have also seen almost the same number of newbies wanting to buy from members but cant email until "X" amount of posts are hit,and these wasted posts are usually alot more trivial than a seller trying to hit the magic number..... why is it that most of the time its only the sellers who catch chit? Not taking any sides here as I have mixed feelings on needing 25 posts to sell, but understand it and rules are rules..and abide by it....shouldn't newbies wasting posts just to email a seller be treated the same as a seller posting the same crap just to reach the magic number needed to post a for sale ad.

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    I think that you're right. I'm still new here, but I am thinking that there are quite a few CP members that are here only for the deals. I was a somewhat opposed a few weeks back when someone suggested that the minimum number of posts should be raised to sell, but I am starting to agree more and more. I have over 100 now, but I wouldn't be opposed to 200 just so we can all get to know each other a little better and the same goes for buyers. I've seen people with 5 posts constantly trying to buy this or that, but if someone can sell their stuff, then I don't necessarily blame them. Rambling on now, but I agree completely with your statement.

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    People put way too much emotion into this buying and selling stuff. So long as no one gets ripped off I really don't care. Some think they should sell for less than they paid, some think you should never sell something they gave you, some think you should get top dollar whether they gave it to you or not etc. etc. etc... If some newbie wants something I have for sale I don't care. In general I do think it is safer for the average buyer to have some insite as to who they are buying from and maybe that is the reasoning behind having more than 10 posts. The seller is pretty well protected since they don't have to ship to someone they don't know until receiving payment.
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    Things work well here because of how the Flea Market is run. Stop trying to change it.

    End of discussion.
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