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    Default Opinions on Polk TSi400/TSi500

    Am seriously considering the purchase of either the Polk TSi400 or TSi500. I see this morning that Newegg has a killer price of $279 ea. w/free shipping on the 500's (normally $399 ea.), so I'm leaning that way. I'm still pretty new to all of this, but feel I have learned a lot by reading the posts of others on this forum. Would appreciate any suggestions or first hand experience anyone has had with these speakers. Also, I would be powering this 2-channel setup with a Yamaha RX V663 (95w p/ch). Is this going to be enough power to get the most out of these speakers?
    Thanks for your input......I value the opinions I read here.

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    I can't comment on your AVR. But if you can afford the Tsi500's and have the space and approval of your significant other, Grab them. They are nice speakers.

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    A Yamaha 663 will have no problems powering up the TSI series..even the largest tower. But the 500s can take more power if you have it. All the towers are extremely efficient.

    Many of us think that Yammies are a bit bright with Polks...but if you're going to use a Yamaha the TSI will probably be the least 'bright' of the Polk's various series of speakers.

    I'd go with the 500s as well, if you have the space...they put out the most sound.


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    Thanks, guys.......I appreciate your input on the speakers, as well as the Yammy AVR. Based on what you've said, plus what I've been able to read elsewhere on this forum, and other places.....I feel pretty comfortable in going ahead and getting the TSi500 towers to start my system.

    Again.....thanks for your reply, and please let me know anything else along these lines that you think might be helpful.

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