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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeatrix View Post
    Cheers Jimmy, exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for.

    Unfortunately I might have to pass on the FX's since my fiancÚ thought they were too big for our living room. I'll continue the negotiations but I might have to settle for the RTiA4 since they're smaller. Not perfect but you can't get everything you want in life :p
    Have you thought about the LSi7's rather than the RTi4's?

    Mains.............Polk LSi15 (Cherry)
    Center............Polk LSiC (Crossover upgraded)
    Surrounds.......Polk LSi7 (Gloss Black - wood sides removed and crossovers upgraded)
    Subwoofers.....SVS 25-31 CS+ and PC+ (both 20hz tune)
    Pre\Pro...........NAD T163 (Modded with LM4562 opamps)
    Amplifier.........Cinepro 3k6 (6-channel, 500wpc@4ohms)

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    Quote Originally Posted by McLoki View Post
    Have you thought about the LSi7's rather than the RTi4's?

    My bad! I meant FXi A4 when I wrote RTi A4. I like the idea of bi-directional speakers and the A4 is considerably smaller than the LSiFX.

    I have thought about bookshelf speakers but my problem is that my living room is such that I have to have the couch up against the wall and I wouldn't like the look of having two bookshelf speakers facing each other up against the wall.

    My fiancÚ wants even smaller ones, think VM or RM line speakers, for surrounds but I'm fighting that as hard as I can :)

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    Keep up the good fight! :D
    Home Theater: polkaudio Modded SDA SRS 2.3TL's, LSiM706c, 4 X TC265i Rears, SVS PB12 Plus/2
    Pioneer Elite SC-67, Sunfire Signature Cinema Grande 400, Oppo BDP-83

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    Can't go wrong with LSis.
    Samsung PN60E6500
    Denon AVR-E300
    Mains: LSI9s
    Center: LSIC
    Surrounds: LSIFX
    Subs: Two Atlas 12's with Rythmik 350W amps in ported 95L box.
    Power: Monster 2600 power conditioner

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    And..........only about 3.75 years late with your suggestion. LOL.
    "Unwad those panties and have a good time man. We're all here to help each other, no matter how it might appear." DSkip
    I may have an addiction... RTA-15TL, SDA 2, LSi25, LSi15, LSi9, LSi7, LSiCx2, LSiFX, LS/FX, RT/FX, DSW MP2000...and that's just the Polks...

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