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    Default Different Front Speaker Ports on Receiver (A+B) what do I use?

    Here is a picture of what is on the back. I am getting polk monitor 50's in today, and wonder how they should be wired up to this correctly. I have a DG820 Sony receiver.

    Thank You!

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    Do you have an Adobe reader so you can view .pdf files? If so
    here ya go:

    Or if you really want to put your read on:

    Don't get so worried, it's easy. Post back after reading if you still have questions,

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    Either one. Just make sure that you are using either A or B and that you have the wire hooked up to the one you are using. In other words, if you hook it and the mains up to A....make sure that you run A and not B.
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    So I guess I just pick one then, not sure of why they put two there

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    I'd use the binding posts A, I'm not a big fan of the little inserts on B, plus you can use bannana plugs with the posts for a more solid connection. As treitz said, just make sure you have your mains set to A and not B in the receiver, should be good to go
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightsbane View Post
    So I guess I just pick one then, not sure of why they put two there
    It's so that you can hook up multiple pairs of speakers to it. You can either have two pairs in the same room to switch between, or you could have the second pair in a different room. It's a pretty handy feature IMO.
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