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Thread: Generation Kill

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    Default Generation Kill

    Whose picking this one up? I saw some of the series and was in awe. Story looked awesome, so I'm definitely picking this one up on BD. For those of you who watched the entire series what did you think?
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    I watched the DVD set a few months ago, It had me really into the first couple of disc, I love how they talk on the radios, ''Hitman 1, this is Hitman actual, be advised Godfather is oscar mic.'' or whatever it is they say, but the last couple really started dragging for me, Id have to say if you have the option to rent the BD I'd do that first. IMO

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    I am with millerman, watched it on HBO HD, recorded last year, thinking it would be as engaging as Band of Brothers. Not even close. The story line is more of a drama than action.
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    It was still enjoyable. From my understanding (And this is coming second hand) This was how the war was fought in Iraq.. a lot of political BS, and a ton of sitting around.

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    I only watched the first couple of episodes; thought they sucked, but maybe it's because I read the book before (both Generation Kill, and One Bullet Away). I'd recommend the books to anyone, not so much the series (at least what I saw of it).

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