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    Default Replace rubber surrounds on outdoor speaker?

    I have a pair of Polk Monitor Series 2 outdoor speakers with which I have been well pleased for many years. Just this weekend, I noticed some poor sound in one and after removing the cover, I saw that the rubber surround was damaged. I believe that this was more a result of many years of being outdoor, although the speakers are located under an overhang and are well protected from the weather.

    Anyway, I tried to get a replacement woofer from Polk, only to learn that they no longer have any. I then thought about trying to repair the rubber surround or replace it and wondered whether this could be done. I am aware that the paper or foam surrounds on indoor speakers could be repaired but how about rubber? Any suggestions or pointers to a Website or newsgroup would be appreciated!

    Thanks, Paul

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    I googled "how to repair speaker surrounds" and recieved a host of listings about replacing the whole rubber surround. Apparently there are many companies that offer just about any desired size surround. I was going back to my car audio days when a sub would get a small puncture/tear, we just super glued it back together and called it a day. Obviously the desired option was simply to replace it, but once the glue cured we couldnt tell a difference. Hope this helps.
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