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    Default Wow new po box rates!!

    Well I went to my local post office to pay for my po box and discovered that once again that the rates had went up. They are currently $140 a year for a small box here, not sure what you guys are paying for one down in the states. 5 years ago they were $28.00 a year here. Due to where I live and the fact that I am rarely home when the postman comes this way it is imperative that I maintain a po box if I want to stand a chance of actually getting my mail.

    Its not all bad though I shipped a package yesterday to Canada via USPS first class mail for far cheaper than what priority mail costs. This is the first time that I have had the option of anything other than priority mail international in quite some time, so be aware all you guys that ship to Canada that there is another option now.

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    Never had a need for a PO box, so I don't know what the rates are here, but that does sound excessive. You would think that having a PO box would make it more convienient, and cheaper to deliver your mail.

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    This year i'm paying $95.00 for a year. Last year i paid $87.00 The year before was $75.00
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    PO box here is "FREE", but then again it should be, I'm hella far from the mothership. Someone send me good chow, WTF!!?? man.
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