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    Thumbs up Plug for Hi-Tech Audio Carver Repair

    I bought a TFM-55X on ebay a couple of monthes ago. Was in rough shape and was sold as non-working or for repair.

    The seller was right, the cabinet was rough, lettering worn off, lamps not working and the right channel had a distorted sound and output was weak. Left channel was fine and sounded good running my center channel.

    I figured I would take a chance at $150. I sent it to Rolland at Hi-Tech and had a fast turnaround. I have had it back for 4 days running my mains where the TFM-45 normally lives.

    Rolland replaced/repaired the following at $299 (minus shipping):
    Replaced driver stages, pre-driver stages, protect stages and updated 20-volt display regulation circuit.

    Replaced power supply capacitors in all stages including 15 volt supply for front-end regulation.

    Touched up paint on chassis.

    Set bias to factory specifications checked supply rail voltages.

    Touched up poor solder on the input card.

    Replaced the following parts:
    (4) 2SC3467 (2) 1N4745
    (4) 2SA1370 (2) 12V 90MA Lamp
    (2) 6K8UF 35V (4) 47UF 50V
    (2) 3K9UF 63V (2) 10KUF100V

    I am very please with the outcome. IF you don't count shipping which I never do right or wrong. I have $450 in this AMP that should last for a while.

    MY TFM-45 was serviced in 2005 but I am thinking of sending it to Rolland and have him give a once over and install an IEC power plug so I can upgrade the power cable as the 45 is my main amp. The 55X will be center channel AMP and back up.
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    Speakers: SDA-1C (most all the goodies)
    Preamp: Joule Electra LA-150 MKII SE
    Amp: Wright WPA 50-50 EAT KT88s
    Analog: Marantz TT-15S1 MBS Glider SL| Wright WPP100C Amperex BB 6er5 and 7316 & WPM-100 SUT
    Digital: Mac mini 2.3GHz dual-core i5 8g RAM 1.5 TB HDD Music Server Amarra (memory play) - USB - W4S DAC 2
    Cables: Mits S3 IC and Spk cables| PS Audio PCs

    Ofc: Wright WLA12 preamp: Anthem Amp 1: Pio Elite DV-79AVI: Airport Express: CAL Sigma II DAC: PA LS90 sonicaps and mills

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