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    Default have head unit and highs, mids and I need an amp?

    I drive a 2003 Jeep Liberty, the speakers have blown out so I was lucky enough to get to buy a whole new system (BLESSING in disguise).

    So I purchased 4 Polk db6501s that come with tweeters and passive crossovers.

    The head unit i got was a pioneer DEH-P4100UB

    I originally bought this head unit so i wouldn't "have to buy an amp" to drive the speakers and my sub (I have a JL W0 12" in a sealed box that i will also use.)
    but once i did further research everyone seems to think otherwise.
    I don't really have the $ to buy much else...but if the speakers will be damaged, i might just have to break down.

    Question 1: do i need to use the crossovers that came with the speakers?
    seems like the head unit has one that is that sufficient?
    Question 2: do i need to buy an amp to power these speakers to prevent damage from too little power?
    Question 3: if i do need to buy an amp can i just get 1 to push the speakers and the sub or do i need one for the high and mid and one for the low?
    and if i do need an amp, what brands should i consider? keeping it cheaper price-wise?

    i am a musician, so i am concerned about high quality sound and have a pretty good ear, but this is the first time i have dealt with buying a whole new system for a car...

    thanks in advance for any help/advice!
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    Wish I knew...


    Welcome to CP.

    Check out the On the Move section further down the main page. This section is mainly used for Home Audio.

    Good Luck

    Life without music would

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    thanks, and sorry i thought that was for people moving and wanting to sell...

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