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    Default Have you ever ordered a hand-crafted piece of equipment and . . .

    Have you ever ordered a hand-crafted piece of equipment and gotten wood?

    Now you too can have wood whenever you want, just check out this link:

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    MMMMMMMM turntables.

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    Neat looking, but I would want a material with a lot more dimensional stability for the base of my TT.
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    Now those are funky. I would imagine the wood, when resonating could add some sort of 2nd order harmonics (not really a bad thing). Unless they've treated them.
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    Through a collaboration with Red Dragon Audio, Audiowood is happy to offer energy efficient "class d" amps of various power levels in custom wood enclosures. The first version of these is "The Dragon." It features a class d "ICE" amp with 500 watts per channel into 8 ohm speakers.

    Amps can be made as bases or "consoles" and can also be combined with tube preamplifiers and other components. In fact, the custom possibilities for these amps in combination with other components is almost unlimited: amp/preamp combos, turntable/Iphone dock/preamp/amp consoles, etc. -- all in solid wood!

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