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    Default High-power audio tube amplifiers - opinions needed

    Hi all,

    I am looking for your advice / opinions...

    Basically, I am looking to see whether the (higher-end) tube amplifier market is currently / already saturated.

    I see some amps going for ridiculously high prices (my opinion). We (me and my dad, who has been designing military and aerospace electronics for 40+ years) can design a high-end tube amp. Say, the power stage would be based on Russian GU-50, and 7199 or equivalent tube in the pre stage.

    Would there be any interest in the community for such amps?

    - Monoblocks? Stereo? Integrated? What type is preferred?

    - What would you personally be looking for in the tube amp?

    - What power range would you be looking for - 50W/ch, 100W/ch, 200W/ch or something beyond like 400W/ch (i.e. Carver Silver-7t equivalent)?

    - What would be the acceptable price range (for you)?

    - Where else can I look for more info (besides Googling)?

    Thank you for your input!

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    What speakers are you planning to power? If you're looking for 100w/ch+, it's probably a better idea to use a tube pre with ss amp. Class D amps sound a lot like tubes.

    If you still plan to build tube amps, there are schematics all over the net. However, I would stay away from the input tubes you listed (especially the 7199). The 7199's are becoming very hard to find NOS and prices are going up. Look into the 6SN7. Pretty much a better 12AX7. For power tubes, I would suggest the Russian 6C33. Loads of current. Also, keep in mind that with the power you're trying to get, you will need some hefty transformers and tubes with that kind of power output will heat up the room farily quick.

    Good luck
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