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    Default Questions Re. some just-acquired Monitor 11t speakers

    At an auction today, I saw a couple of Polk Monitor Series 11t speakers. I went over, hefted them, and, relying on my old rule of thumb for buying speakers at garage sales and auctions, "Heavier is good," suggested to my mom (who is auction crazy, and loves buying things at auctions...) "Sure. Bid up to $50 for 'em."
    Well, she won the bid, a pair for $22.50.

    Brought them home, and they sound terrific--right up there with my B&W DM2's (which a guy at B&W told me were the model that Roger Daltrey used in his home studio as monitors).

    The driver second from the top on one of the speakers is just barely putting out any sound. I took the driver out of the enclosure and could hear it just sorta whispering. What's the part number for a replacement driver? I think it's a 6.5" driver (that's what it looks like).

    Also, what's the pricing and availability like on this driver? Anyone know?


    (Oh, btw, the B&W DM2 speakers were also bought at an auction by my mom a few years ago for $15 for the pair. hee hee. Got to love auctions in Western Colorado.)

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    Look on the back of the driver mw-65xx,, polk sells replacement drivers,and you could post a WTB here and see if any pop up,, you might want to swap the driver to rule out any other issues. Welcome to CP:)
    JC approves....he told me so. (F-1 nut)

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    Terrific buy. Welcome to Club Polk!
    Sunfire TGP III PrePro, Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature 405wpc 5 ch. Amp, Rotel RCD-1072 CDP, Onkyo TA2600 Tape Deck, Pioneer Elite 47-A DVD, Sony 32" XBR TV, Polk RTA-8T Main Speakers, Boston VR-920 Center Channel, Boston PV-600 Subwoofer, Polk DSW 400 Subwoofer, Polk FXi-3 Surround Speakers

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    Welcome to Club Polk mxedisn.

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    Default nice find

    Sounds like RTA 11T's (if all speakers are stacked in horizontal line)

    Either the RTA11t's and RTA11TL's (if I'm not mistaken) take MW6510 drivers.

    Be sure to swap the driver for another to ensure it is in fact a bad driver.

    And welcome to Club Polk.

    Sometimes you can find used drivers on here in the fleamarket section or on e-bay.

    And as stated above, Polk CS may have a replacement driver.

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