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    Default Need Recs for Rear Surrounds to Match Older RTi Series Fronts

    I am selling my RT800i and CS400i to a friend to help them build a 7.1 setup.

    What rear speakers should I recommend to them for 2 pairs of rears?

    I am thinking of the TSi100s, Monitor30s or Monitor40s on stands.

    What would you guys advise? Please let me know...

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    what about the rti-a1/a3 or fxi-a4/a6?
    Receiver: Yamaha RX-V863
    Center: PolkAudio CSi-A6
    Fronts: PolkAudio RTi-A1
    Surrounds: PolkAudio RTi-A1
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    Jessup Pa


    I would use a fx-300i or fx-500.
    Polk HT system 1: LSIC, LSI25 mains, LSI F/X rears, Lsi F/X rear centers,
    Yamaha RX-V2500 System, Sunfire grand 5 channel, Carver A753 3 channel amp.

    Polk HT system 2: ,Polk CS1000 center, Polk cs400rear center, Polk RT800 mains stacked with RT55's, Polk F/X 1000 rears running on a Yamaha RX-V2200

    Polk Speaker collection: SDA SRS 1.2tl x 2, SRT system, SDA SRS 2 P/B, SDA 2A, SDA 1C Studio, SDA CRS+, Monitor 12 series 2, 7B & 4, SRS 3.1tl, RTA 15tl, LS90

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    Anyone have any advice here? My friend is not a huge speaker junky so I am looking for the biggest bang for the buck so to speak.

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    Default Best Bang for Buck?

    Well, if your friend really wants the best bang for his buck, as well as the best possible match, I would search for the older RT/RTi range products. Suitable models would be the RT25, RT28i or RT35i (with or without the "i", since the changes were very minor). I would expect he could find these for $75-125, depending on their condition. The best way would be a local sale, to avoid shipping charges, either, eBay (if you don't mind dealing with that), or the FM here.

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