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    Default Polk Monitor 5's have a problem

    I have been enjoying my Monitor 5's for a few months now and have noticed that they were making a strange sound on even low and medium listening levels that gets worse as the volume is increased.

    If I put a little pressure on the cone while playing, the rattling sound subsides and almost disappears.

    I took the 6 1/2 inch driver out to see if I could find the source of the offensive sound, and noticed that the cone not attached to the spider.

    I was wondering if this could be repaired, and if so, how do I, A NOVICE, repair such a problem.

    Would a simple glueing of the cone and spider together solve the problem?

    I love my Monitor 5's and will not get rid of them in any event.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Don't waste your time trying to glue it. Check out ebay for a nice used replacement driver. What model # driver is it MW65_ _?
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