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    Default rti 150 crossover question

    While hooking up my rti 150's I decided to take a ohm measurement over the speaker terminals while the biamp jumpers were removed. To my supprize, the lower terminals were 4ohms, and the top for the mids/highs show an open circuit! Well they work fine so why do the top terms show open??? Must be something going on in the crossover I dont understand. Also if the 3 subs measure 4ohms why did polk rate these speaks at 8 ohm imp??? They are so hard to drive im going to have to jump up and buy a sep amp to drive them.

    And I wanted to mention I biamped them with my yamaha rxv1900 with 130w x 7, then I hooked them up the regular way and cant tell any audible difference. So what gives. What does it take for biamping to be any noticable difference???

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    I'm sure there's a cap in series that blocks the bass to the tweeter. Rti150 speaker are nice, but are a bitch to power them up. :)

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    That's not the correct way to measure a speaker's impedance, all you're doing is measuring the voice coil's resistance. As Joe mentioned, there is no continuity across the top terminals due to a cap in series with the tweeter.
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