This is NOT what to do with your empty speaker box:

Baby Buried in Speaker Cabinet

Imagine the tragedy: your newborn baby dies and you realize the box they buried him in is nothing more than a stereo speaker cabinet, with all the components still inside. That's exactly what happened to a Beaufort family. On February 18, the Terry family gave birth to their premature son, who died minutes later. The family had no money to give him a proper burial, but the hospital put them in touch with a local funeral home that could help. But what happened next has only hurt the family even more.

Eric Terry, Jr., only lived a few minutes in this world. For his father, burying his infant son was one of the hardest things he ever had to do, and he had to do it twice.

"We was notified that we might want to dig it up, that something was wrong," Eric, Sr., told us.

The family says they did not have the money for a burial and they say Marsehl's Wright Donaldson Home for Funerals offered to help them out.

"They offered the service to bury the baby in a hand-constructed casket or one that they had," said Eric.

Eric and his mother, Mary Crissinger, recall what they were shown the day of the funeral.

"They brought him out in a, you know, what looked like a small baby casket, beautiful satin blanket on it," said Mary.

But the family says the box looked different at the actual burial. After a few days, they asked that the casket be dug up. They say something just seemed wrong about it all, and they were right. What they found was that the baby had been placed inside of an actual home stereo speaker.

"There was all these dirty wet sheets and a towel inside of it, and the tweeter is still in the box," said Mary.

WTOC asked the director of Marshel's Wright Donaldson Home for Funerals to comment. William Marshell would not go on camera but did say the speaker box they gave the family was built better than any box they could have built. When asked if they've ever buried a baby in a speaker before, Marshell told us no, and said they would change the policy and have an agreement done with clients to let them know exactly what they're getting. He went on to say that the funeral home apologized and they thought they were helping.

Meanwhile the family is healing,

"We were misled," said Mary. "I buried my grandson twice."

Again, the family did not pay for the service they received from the funeral home. The funeral home says they did offer the family a chance to buy a casket but they refused.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia,