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    Default Internal Volume Question

    Okay, just completed the fabrication on my 97 GS-R Integra and should be getting pics up this weekend sometime on my install but now I have a question. I'll be running the dual MM1204's setup that came out of my 95 Civic install that I posted pics of a few months back which require 0.88 cu.ft. per sealed enclosure. Well after careful calculations my enclosures came out to 0.89 cu.ft. internal volume. My question is and I'm not sure if this has been asked before but, what pros/cons happen if you build a box and the sealed enclosure comes out to be say 1.0 cu.ft. internal volume for a subwoofer that its recommended sealed enclosure is 0.88 cu.ft. Once again, just curious.

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    It decreases the power handling of the sub a little. But the great thing about building the box too big is you can screw down some 2x4's in the box and that will take up some volume until you're where you need to be.
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    don't 4get sub takes up space also

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