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    Post 1SC CLONE or ZMV5? $505 vs $200

    I am planning to either build the ZMV5's or save up for the SC1 clone.

    The SC1 Clone comes in a Kit that costs $415 + $90 to ship totaling $505.

    The ZMV5 cost around $200 total.

    I could save up an additional $305 and get the SC1, but I don't know if it's worth it.

    They are totally different price ranges, but what's your recommendation?

    1SC CLONE:


    I just need something that's good to produce\mix\master Hiphop\Pop\Electronic(Mr.Scruffy Style) music.

    (I made a new thread separate from my $200 one because it got clogged up, this is a slightly different topic, and other users will find it easier to find this.) :)

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    By posting this I actually saved lots of people time in finding the Designs\Pages for these two Monitors by giving them the names. They're both really good..I just need to know which is better for the price in my situation?

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    I recently build a pair of ZMV5's.
    They do some things very nicely but have one big shortcoming,they have great imaging like one would expect of a good point source ,very articulate midband ,and driver blending is spot on with no apparent lobing issues.They are quite detailed and maybe a tad on the bright side.They are rather unforgiving of poor recordings and the electronics upstream.

    The bad news is,while the bass response is impressive for their size the woofers can be overloaded very easily which makes them very restricted dynamically.Listening to bass heavy material even at normal levels will not be a pleasurable expierience as the little woofers will be hitting their excursion limits.

    IMO high pass filtering and using a sub is manditory if you are using them for hip hop monitoring.
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    A sub won't cost too much at all..

    I'll probably build one later on.

    Thanks a lot.

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